Build Healthy, Radiant Skin with this Little Cosmetic Giant from Seoul

Sometimes, a company is born out of great, lifelong passion, and, sometimes, a seed is planted and grows naturally.

Introducing: Ground Plan

In her twenties, Kim Yoon-kyoung ran an online mall, Bagazimuri, selling clothes, hats, and accessories, and she wouldn’t say she had a background in cosmetics or the science of skincare. However, as she entered her thirties and had a child, she started to get interested in natural skincare, reading everything that was posted on social media and visiting pop-ups, feeling much like she was reliving the experience of first starting Bagazimuri.

That led her to develop one product — the 24 Hour Secret Mist — and demand for it grew organically as people shared the product on social media, a demand so high she sold 1 million Secret Mists in just 24 months.

That was 2014. That was the start of Ground Plan. Today, Ground Plan has 27 products, and it’s our pleasure to bring 10 of Ground Plan’s most popular skincare products to the U.S. for the first time and introduce them to you.

Ground Plan’s philosophy is rooted in its commitment to use 100% natural ingredients that aren’t watered down or diluted. Kim was inspired to create products that were clean, not irritating, and free of toxins when she was pregnant. Ground Plan maintains that same principle today.

These products focus on plant-based ingredients, reflecting Ground Plan’s belief that lessons for good, healthy skin can come from the earth — hence the name Ground Plan.

Ground Plan seeks to simplify a beauty plan, creating products that will fit easily into people’s busy schedules and lives by working quickly, effectively, and simply. It’s no wonder that moms have been loving this brand for use on their babies!

We at Peach and Lily spend a lot of time curating the best products for you, and we believe these ten products will help revolutionize your skin. They are all foundational products, from the 24 Hour Secret Mist that started it all to two gentle, hydrating cleansers that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils and damage your skin barrier to a 1-week ampoule plan that will brighten your skin and prevent wrinkles.

There’s also a soothing exfoliating toner that’s gentle enough for all skin types and for daily use, as well as an essenceovernight pack and a moisture cream, both of which are lightweight and absorb quickly into your skin, providing instant hydration.

As you’ve probably noticed, hydration is a key element to these products because well-hydrated skin is healthy skin. Ground Plan has an eye cream that uses three kinds of plant-based oil extracts to hydrate and strengthen the skin around your eyes to prevent those pesky fine lines from forming, and their essence uses plant stem cell extracts to encourage cell turnover in your skin so it stays bouncy and glowy. Last but not least, there is a peeling gel that exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities from your skin, except it’s been formulated in a way that won’t irritate your skin and will leave it moist and hydrated.

We’re so excited to share these products with you! We can’t wait to see how they revolutionize your skin and fit into your busy lives!

Cheers to radiance!

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Secret Bubble Whipping Foam Cleanser
Black Snow Deep Cleanser
First Clear Skin
Cell Power Energy Essence
Day & Night Secret Moisture Cream
Secret Cream Overnight Pack
1 Week Miracle Ampoule Program
24 Hour Secret Mist
Deep Wrinkle Treatment Eye Cream
Secret Soft Peeling Gel


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