Why Double (and Triple) Cleansing Might be the Key to Clearer Skin

Why Double (and Triple) Cleansing Might be the Key to Clearer Skin

Washing your face might seem as basic as uggs and pumpkin spice lattes yet it’s anything but. A proper cleanse sets up the basis for a clear complexion and can prevent blemishes, enlarged pores and signs of aging. Plus, if you’re going to shell out for that pricey serum or luxurious moisturizer, you want it to truly absorb into the skin and not sit on top of buildup. You may have noticed  a streak of lingering concealer on your washcloth or a smudge of mascara on your pillowcase after only sudsing up once. Double cleansing, an essential step of the Kbeauty routine, utilizes two different cleansers to thoroughly eliminate dirt and debris from your complexion. Oil and water don’t mix so using this two step process removes both the oil and water-based impurities that build up naturally on your face throughout the day.  The average person may apply several layers of serums, lotions, and skincare products before applying makeup and then it’s all topped off with sebum and daily grime. Rather than using an aggressive face wash or tugging at the skin to remove all these layers, double cleansing allows for a gentle deep clean.So how does it work?

First, you begin with an oil based cleanser. Think back to high school science and the theory of  “like attracts like,” the cleansing oil helps attract and sweep away stubborn makeup and sebum. You apply the oil onto a dry complexion and massage it in to breakup debris. Cleansing oils are water soluble so they emulsify and become milky when you add water (instead of just beading up). While it may seem counterintuitive, cleansing oils can work for any skin type, even oily ones. lt can help balance your skin and prevent it from over producing oil since it’s not stripping your skin.

Then, follow up with a water based cleanser to remove any last traces of grime. The first cleanse helps remove the surface impurities. The second cleanse goes deeper and helps to completely remove any last traces of buildup so you’re left with a completely clean canvas.

And then, there will be days you might need a triple cleanse. If  you wear a heavy makeup application or love to regularly try out Instagram makeup trends, you might want to consider adding a step for a super deep clean.  Before applying your oil based cleanser, use micellar water or a makeup remover wipe to do a first pass at the skin and eye makeup. Look for wipes that are free of fragrances which can be irritating and instead offer nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and chamomile.


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