The Vaccine for Acne May Put an End to Your Breakouts Forever

The Vaccine for Acne May Put an End to Your Breakouts Forever

If you’ve ever had a pimple before a big event or constantly experienced breakouts, you know the emotional havoc acne can cause. In a few years, no one may need to worry about a potential eruption. Researchers in San Diego are currently running clinical trials on a vaccine for acne. Sure, we wish there were vaccines for all the debilitating diseases out there but we would be lying if we said we aren’t excited about a cure for acne. Truth is, acne can be debilitating for many of the forty million who suffer from it. If you google “acne,” over 158 million search results pop up…clearly, it’s something that affects many of us.

How does it work?
“Acne is associated with a bacteria called p. acnes,” lead researcher, Dr. Eric C. Huang, tells Pibuu. During puberty, sebaceous glands get enlarged and oiliness tends to increase. The mixture of oil and cells allows bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) that normally live on the skin to grow in the plugged follicles. These bacteria produce chemicals and enzymes and attract white blood cells that cause inflammation. The vaccine doesn’t target p. acnes itself because “in some ways, the bacteria is good for you,” says Huang. Instead, “the vaccine neutralizes the toxin secreted from the p.acnes which creates the inflammation that leads to breakouts,” says Huang, So in theory, by neutralizing the toxins, you should have have less inflammation which makes it less likely to have blemishes. Huang is working on two versions of treatment: one, a preventative injection and a therapeautic cream to treat active lesions.  “The preventative vaccine could be used by patients at elementary school age,” says Huang. The other version will be a cream (which shouldn’t cause the typical buy Office Professional Plus 2010 Key irritation associated with most dying spot treatments.  “The therapeutic antibodies can be topically applied directly onto the acne lesions ,” says Huang.

When Can you Get it?
Huang has been working on the vaccine for five years and has started clinical trials which may take 3 years to complete. “I’ve been getting lots of emails from all over the world and I can see that a lot of people are really suffering from acne,” says Huang, who hopes to release the vaccine to the public soon.  Till then, you’re going to want to keep practicing getting plenty of sleep, reducing your stress and eating the right VMCE_V9 diet till at least 2020-  tough, we know.

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