Ingredients That Sensitive Skin Loves: Part I

Ingredients That Sensitive Skin Loves: Part I

You may be painfully aware of the ingredients your skin hates, but not sure what might actually benefit your skin. To guide you into a state of greater skincare enlightenment, we have compiled a list of the best ingredients to soothe inflammation and hydrate sensitive skin.

Licorice: In addition to being plentiful in antioxidants and brightening, licorice root is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It helps to reduce sensitivity, alleviate redness and burning, and restore skin to its healthy state.

Aloe: Aloe is a very popular ingredient for sensitive skin, and with good reason: it is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It helps to address irritation while also ridding skin of the breakouts that are often associated with inflamed skin. Aloe also hydrates skin for soft, soothed skin.

Ceramides: To strengthen the skin’s barrier function, use ceramides, which naturally occur in our skin to keep it strong and healthy. When the barrier is compromised, irritation and breakouts ensue, plus it is easier for bacteria to grow and thrive. The skin may also feel thin and weak. Ceramides will hydrate and repair past damage.

Calendula: Calendula will seriously soothe inflamed, red skin while healing cuts and abrasions. Its antiseptic qualities gently cleanse skin and kill harmful bacteria. Calendula will hydrate skin, heal abrasions, and alleviate conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Avocado Oil: Healing, moisturizing, and nourishing, avocado oil covers a variety of bases when it comes to nursing sensitive, dry skin back to health. It stimulates collagen production for plump, youthful skin. Avocado oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which enable the skin to retain moisture and repairs wounds, lightens discoloration, and conditions stressed skin.

Cucumber: Like aloe, cucumber has a cooling effect that relieves burning and itching that is all too familiar for those with sensitive skin. It packs a serious punch of hydration due to its high water content. It reduces puffiness, brightens dullness, and soothes irritation. It is also a mild astringent that is ideal for tightening pores and balancing out sebum production in sensitive, oily skin types.

Be on the lookout for these calming ingredients to combat irritated, inflamed skin. While all of these botanicals and oils will soothe your skin, they boast a variety of other benefits too; they’re anti-aging, brightening, balancing, and moisturizing in addition to gentle.


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